Quilt Treatments/ Prices

Currently Sew Nice Quilting is offering:

  • Basic Pantograph services/ edge to edge designs at .012-.015 per square inch.

  • Custom at .015-.030 per square inch. Inset motifs, separate border treatments, stitch-in-the-ditch, multiple borders, cross-hatching and feathers, etc.

Minimal quilting charge is $50.00. Batting, thread, etc. are extra.

Other Services

Basting - .005c per square inch

For the hand quilter, approximately 4 inches apart, and stabilized around the edges.

Binding - you provide the fabric preferably 21/2 inches wide folded in half and pressed.

Machine sewn on, you turn $1.50 running foot

Machine sewn on, and hand turned $1.75 running foot


80+80+90+90=340 12 = 28 running ft 

28 X 1.50= $42.49

Seaming Back- 10.00 per seam

Custom Quilt Design and Piecing -

I would be happy to design and piece your quilt for you. I have the latest quilt design software (EQ5) to assist in this process. Call or e-mail for pricing.

Quilting Costs

Quilting Costs ****

Are calculated based on the square inches of the quilt top and the type of quilting treatment applied. (# of square inches X Treatment price)***

Thread Charge

1.25/ Bobbin Cotton/Poly Thread

1.75/Bobbin Specialty Thread

Consultation and Set Up Costs

10.00 -selecting pattern, thread, preparation of top, loading the top on machine, non quilting costs associated with running a business.

Estimating Quilting Costs

Measuring Your Quilt

Length X Width= square inches

Square Inches X per square inch (psi) charge = quilting charge

  ________X ________    =_______

         Length                              width                            square inches

  ________ X _________ = _______***

         Square inches           price/ square inch              quilting cost

  Quilting costs + (30.00 if quilting costs are less than 30.00) + thread charge + batting costs + consultation charge = Estimated total charge

**** Remember this is an estimate and may need to be adjusted. Prices are subject to change.

Getting Your QUILT TO the quilter

Call (815) 338-5183 or email jane@sewnicequilting.com  to arrange for an appointment or Drop quilts at:

Woodstock Quilts

216 South Seminary Avenue

Woodstock, IL  60098

-- Or --

Sunshine And Shadow Quilt Shoppe

1241 Green St.

McHenry, IL 60050

and complete the Quilt Order Form.

Preparing your Quilt for Quilting

Top should be pressed and all loose threads trimmed. Please be aware that fullness and puckers that have been pieced in cannot be quilted out. They will be eased in as well as they can be.

Backing should be squared and at least 8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top. Example: a 45X67 quilt should be presented with at least a 53x75 backing.

  • Selvedges should be removed along seam lines.

  • Any seams should be pressed.

  • Sheets will not be accepted for backings.

Batting should be the same size as the quilt backing.  You can provide your own batting or batting is available from the quilter at additional costs.

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