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      I have been sewing since the 70's and quilting since 1997. I joined the McHenry County Quilters Guild to meet others who enjoy the hobby of quilting. Soon after joining I accepted the position of treasurer and recently became a member of the raffle block committee. I have been awarded ribbons at the Sinnissippi Quilt Show, the McHenry Country Quilters Guild Show, and the McHenry County Fair.

      In late 2003 I made the decision to purchase a long-arm quilting machine. My training includes long-arm quilting classes at the International Machine Quilters Showcase with nationally known quilters Linda Taylor, Sally Terry, and Pam Clark. I continue to attend other quilting workshops and seminars, whenever possible, to increase my ability to enhance your quilts.

      Sew Nice Quilting uses an A-1 Elite long arm quilting machine for quilting your quilts. This machine is equipped with the popular "Stitch Regulator" keeping all stitches uniform in length. While one strives for perfection a long-arm quilting machine is hand guided and therefore some variations can occur by the operator.

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